Powering the digital ecosystem

Hut 8 is driving innovation while supporting the digital economy through high performance computing (HPC) infrastructure, cutting-edge technology solutions, and digital asset mining.

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High Performance Computing

Supporting your business with cutting-edge, high performance computing infrastructure.

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Digital Asset Mining

Growing the digital asset ecosystem as one of North America’s most experienced and largest Bitcoin miners.

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Accelerating the global technological revolution

The next industrial revolution is upon us, and Hut 8 is helping companies seize the opportunities to drive their business forward. As a high performance computing pioneer powering the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and a responsible digital asset mining leader, our mission is to create value for generations to come.

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HPC client testimonials

"Hut 8 has been a trusted partner of Hosted Advantage for years. The team at Hut 8 enables me to focus on my business while they manage our mission-critical infrastructure. The quality of support and service the Hut 8 team provides is second to none.”
Tony Schoemaker

Director of Sales & Marketing

Hosted Advantage Services
“Hut 8’s vast industry experience and cutting-edge data center environment has made them an excellent partner for us in our goal of driving towards decentralization. Their level of service and expertise make them an invaluable and trusted resource as we continue to expand our infrastructure.”
Nicholas Arcieri

Director of Network Operations

“We’re delighted to partner with Hut 8 to provide on-demand compute and networking solutions to the growing blockchain and Web 3.0 ecosystem. Our partnership has enabled Zenlayer to expand into Canada, unlocking new cloud regions for our customers and improving digital experiences for Canadian users”
Dalerie Wu

Head of Corporate Strategy


Our mining operational centers

Hut 8 has eleven facilities that harness the power of Canada’s diverse energy sources – and cool climates – from British Columbia to Alberta to Ontario. We are taking an innovative approach at our high performance data centres – which run on hydro and nuclear power – to bridge between traditional and nascent high performance computing infrastructure and capture growth in Blockchain, AI, and virtual effects. Our digital asset mining facilities harness mother nature’s cooling power to mine efficiently with a mix of renewable energy.

We have equipment and expertise to stay ahead of the crowd.

A mix of renewable energy
Ideal operating climates with freezing cold temperatures and high winds
A collaborative working relationship with our communities and governments

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